Evolution of Fibre Processing and Manufacturing

Fibres are used in multiple industries to manufacture a number of different products. The primary resources for the FP&M sector are fibres, skins & forestry. These resources are processed to form the secondary resource that is used to manufacture the various products listed above. The primary resources are manufactured from natural fibres (cotton, wool, etc), forestry (woodlands, natural forest, plantation, forest, nurseries and man-made fibres (produced from chemicals extracted from oil, coal or trees). Many of these processes involve ancient techniques and skills that are thousands of years old. The technology within this industry is advancing rapidly, introducing new innovations in the manufacturing of fibres.

We are surrounded by a huge variety of applications for fibres in our everyday lives. Apart from the familiar use of fibres in furniture, clothing, paper and packaging, fibres are also used in many ingenious ways to enhance our quality of life.